Their war, Our World.

....Which side shall you choose...?

TF2007fun RPG group
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A TF 2007movie/ G1 RPG, ALL are welcome to join - PAIRING FRIENDLY
Welcome to the TF2007_RPG.

The claiming rules and claiming post. please note that you have to claim and be granted the character first before you can do anything else. thank you.


Useful links

And I’m your friendly mod, broken_envy, but call me Broken for short.

Ok, this is mostly a relaxed comm., seeing as I’m not that great at modding things yet. >__>….

Transformers roleplay based on the movie.

Welcome and join the fun and insanity[and we do have Crack as well]. and we are pairing friendly

The Allspark is gone. It seems as if the Decepticons are gone. But what if Optimus Prime's call to the other Autobots to join him on Earth was heard not only by his allies but by Decepticons as well?

It's still our world, and it's still their war... and it's far from over yet.

I will allow all paring and such, but please, for the sake of sanity, PLEASE do not have your character be in two places at once. It not is annoying, but pisses others off as well.

G1 guys are welcome, though please, NO OCTFs. OC humans are welcome, even wanted.

And I’ll be using my personal LJ broken_envy for Modding, but enforcerofpain to RP as the Cade.


Yes, there are rules. ._.


1. This is a fun RPG! Meaning that yes, goofyness is allowed, but there will be serious stuff in it.
2. I [broken_Envy] might be the mod, but I am also a fellow player, don’t ask me how I keep that separate in my mind, I just do. As a mod, it is very important for me to know what you, the other players, are planning in terms of major stuff. I don’t bite, but I do like to know what’s being planed.
3. Yes, RP LJs are in use here, though there not really required, but many for the sake of it, have one. These RP LJs are to be used for :
1. Commlink [or, if you play a human, IM/ RP ‘Phone’ chats – IE, you pretend that your RP character is on the phone] uploads. The rule with this is that though there public entries, if your character is NOT meant to have nay knowledge of them then DON’T! Only the Mods will have full knowledge, our characters will not.
2. various IC stuff, like your characters thoughts ect, interesting stuff to the characters and at times, doing an RP there, if you RP in your LJs, you still can not be in two places at once unless you have it headed as ‘in the past’.
3. EVERYONE can comment on each others LJ OOC of course, but the characters can only comment if concerns them. There shall be no buts and or ifs [ unless the character is asking a question and it is the only way to get in contact with the player].

4. In regards to plotting, the mod, me, only asks that you tell her what you are planning in the case of things that will affect one or more sides. IE Jazz deflecting to the cons, or Optimus considering posing a truce, or the cons planning a major battle. Common sense guys and gals. Simply, do not give me a heartattack and all will be fine and dandy.

5. That said, I do not want to know about individual plots unless they concern my own characters Rumble, Barricade and Dani. No ands or ifs or buts. I’ll know somewhat as a mod thru the commlink/ IC IMs that you post up.

6. RESPECT! If you do not respect another then you will not get respected back, I don’t care if your Characters slag each others on a daily basis, but respect your fellow players and all will be fine, if you have a problem with then take it up on the OOC com or contact them directly.

7. In regards to claim, please read the claiming rules carefully and follow any links that there are to where the links will lead you. This is important, the links are designed that both myself and animesque can keep track of everything.
8. You must friend the RP LJs. Action does happen on them folks[as well as the characters themselvs posting there own thoughts and such].
9. Please download trillion if you don’t have AIM or MSN as most of us are on those two programs. Or, if you use yahoo, if I am not mistaken, the newest version lets you add MSN contacts.
10. Let us know, via the OOC Comm, if you will away for period of time. The minimum number of RPG com based posts is three a week. No lower. If you are inactive for two weeks without letting us know, you will be warned and if it happens again, you will be dropped from the game. Reliability is needed. I understand that sometimes it hard to keep up, but letting us know will greatly help us all.
12. If you powergame, you will warned ONCE to post a reason for it within twenty-four hours of when you where warned. Failure to do will result in the head mod intervening and placing you on a ban of one week. Repeated happenings will be dealt with by prement dropping.
13. NPCing – check with the mod. NPCing other players Characters is both Rude and Unacceptable. Do it and I will delete your entire post that had it, you MUST gain permission and let it be know, in the players own words [LJ Post words] and link to it.
14. there shall be NO OC mechs what so ever! pregnancy would make an OC mech, and i MUST be consulted before hand, the results of me NOT being consulted on this WILL Result in a permanent ban and the NPCing of your character/s by the Mod/s.

And I think that’s it.

Oh yea, eventually, the Ark and the Nemesis WILL descend to Earth [more like crash…], but that will come when the Mod feels its time. Which shall be as soon as we have one full combiner on each side.

Ok, that’s enough, just join in the insanity please?

Melding of Dreams
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