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New Autobot Base Thread [Nov. 4th, 2007|06:37 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group


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New decepticon base thread [Oct. 29th, 2007|08:45 am]
TF2007fun RPG group

[Current Location |Arriving at base]
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |please no i have a headache]

(ooc as requested am starting new thread)

Hook followed vortex and Longhaul back to the decepticon base. He was sore tired and his processor felt like it had been tossed into a slag pit. But it would be good to get back to base get repairs and see his old academy buddies again. he kinda missed Starscream and Skyfire and was glad Starscream had made it so far. To be the Lord of the decepticons now was pretty impressive.. for someone who use to blow up the lab.

Longhaul smiled inwardly as the base came into view finally. "hey bro where here home at last. Starscream and Skyfire sure are going to be happy with the presents we brought. Bet they haven't had a full up decent surgery for a while. chuckles bet your going to be busy doing lotsa maintenance."

Hook sighed. "More then likely but I'll need some myself before we can set up. Maybe a little recharge before even that. I feel really tired."

The two cons rolled slowly up to the perimeter relieved to be at the base at last.
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Shortcuts [Oct. 26th, 2007|05:11 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group
I thought you guys might liek to have shortcuts to the base threads, since they're about 10 pages back (and halway down the page) instead of looking all over for them.

The Autobot Base

The Decepticon Base

If I'm wrong on this, feel free to let me know. (I hope I'm not stepping on the mod's toes by doing this.)
It just seems I can never find the base threads.

bye now.
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Chaos falling! [Oct. 21st, 2007|08:43 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group
[Current Location |Burning up the pavement]
[mood |predatory]
[music |Let the bodies hit the floor]

He had heard the call.. perhaps his missing brothers had as well. He drifted through space towards the blue green planet hating the silence. he hacked into the satellites as soon as he was in range quickly filling his mind with the noise of the world he was approaching. Interesting chaotic loud fun this planet looked perfect to him. perfectly non stop, there was always something going on.. and the vehicles such selections. And music loud blaring harsh and angry ... 'What's this' he pauses in his scans finding more paths and information on some of the worlds greatest cars and all together all those selections just for him to take. Oh this will be a fun party!

W ildrider made planet fall beside some human race course. he had picked that spot after reading about it. All the worlds newest sleekest Fastest sports cars where there. Some not even street legal ... to exhilarating
It was late and after killing the noisy security guards and there dogs he wandered through the grounds looking at all the different cars. regretting killing the dogs it was to quiet now.
far to quiet...
Wildrider left a charge on a building with gasoline in it. then continued on walking past different makes and models. There was a loud explosion behind him. Smiles there thats much better. The flames from the fire cackled loudly and illuminated a red banner with a horse on it.. hmm Ferrari he read the banner and glanced at the cars displayed disregarding them till he reached the last one.....
FXX... An evil grin spreed on his face as he admired the sleek new car. Oh yes this one would no nicely. He scanned the car and transformed loving the feel and noise from the engine. He scanned a couple other cars for the window tints and colors he liked before settling on a black body. the better to prowl around in and dark tinted windows with a slight red glow to them. he looked at himself in a display window. He looked intimidating yes this would do nicely.
Another explosion from the over heating gas tanks made him grin as he speed out onto the track to give his tires a warm up. He ran a couple of high speed laps as he tweaked out his form. Then smashed through the peremitor fence heading for the highway. Tearing up the pavement and blaring music. Wildrider went looking for some fun.
(ooc so who wants to come have some fun..)
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2007|03:15 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group

{ Assumes that Rumbles snuck away from Miles to do this. ill have relevent los up soon}

{Relevence to this post as awell -- http://community.livejournal.com/tf2007_rpg/6869.html}

Rumble grumbled to himself as he speed along the high way to wher he was to make the ruckus to draw Autobot attentions. It was impoertant, as apparntly, Barricade [ who was bogged down with tasks] has gooten a strang engery signature from near by his location. hencforth, after confirming orders from Onsluaght [why diod HE seem to be the real one in charge?], Rumble was then relayed and ordered to move out.

not that he was complaning, much, butr his human would notice that the scooter was gone. oh well, he estimatwed that he would be back at nightfall, and that he could use his holo to 'return' himself to the human.

the holo grined, bright crimson eyes showing only a cool detachment for the task that he was handed. it was better than sitting around in scooter form, not being able to harm his human as he needed him.

As he droove, his mind wondered to Eject. he hoped that the Autobot whould be the one to investage. he really did. then they could spend timetogether and not just in snactched cyberspace momments. but, he was also weary, for he was on an offical Deceptiocon matter. but he susposed that if was only Eject that showed up, he could abandon the task and spend time with the Autobot.

he cut his thoughts off as he arrived at the place where he was to do his rumbling and tumbling.

letting out a laugh, he got to work, back to to the cliff, facing the Autobot base area, but, he was sure, far enough away to remain hidden.

or so he thought.  

{{ And enter in Eject. 

please no onelse unless you ok it OOC with both of us [or you want to to spy for blackmail]}}
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Tracks Versus Sector 7 [Oct. 10th, 2007|02:52 am]
TF2007fun RPG group

Copied from the post over at my journal, and including Tracks's planetfall post. Mainly because he gets caught by S7 right after making planetfall.

((posted here so everyone could find it.
Okay, enough drivel, on with the post.
Anyways, this was done totally on IM, and is going on it's own thread on the main board when it gets done. (At least the part about s7 and Tracks)
Tracks, who has just made planetfall, has been nabbed by s7, the ex-sector 7 operatives! they have an old warehous, and are planning on using Tracks as their guinea pig-atron on how to find ways to destroy the Cybertronians! These guys don't care if they're Autobot or Decepticon, they want to destroy them all!
I'm putting in the part about Tracks' planetfall, so you can get some idea of how the scene starts out.
Here it is. It starts out with Tracks, and alternates between us. they're seperated by --------.
Blue text is hers, red is mine.))

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Symultech Industries [Oct. 8th, 2007|09:34 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group

[mood |contentcontent]

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New Arrivals [Oct. 4th, 2007|03:54 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group

[Current Location |In Space]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Deep space... Most mechs think the protoform journey through deep space is boring. I don't, I think its grand. all that nice long peaceful solitude. Time to think up new evil inventions, soft internal chuckle.  Well most journeys where quiet.... LONG HAUL IF YOU COM ME TO ASK ARE WE THERE YET OR TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW MUCH I'M MAKING YOU CARRY ONE MORE TIME I'LL SLAG YOU MYSELF! The trouble with traveling with my partners was I never did get silence or solitude... tho... It will be good to hook up with bone crusher again. it has been to long since the six of us where all back as a unit. Plus there was that other tasty little tidbit down on that planet for me to poke at again. Been far to long since I was able to scan that little interest. Hmm that must be the planet now blue green interesting... cloud cover hmm it has weather oh I like weather They are so many things you could do with good strong storm systems, another chuckle. To bad scrapper made me leave so much equipment back on cybertron. For all his whining you would think i was making Longhaul carry my whole work room, not just my good tools. internal sigh.
turns on com to the team commander "Scrapper permission to com-link earth for decepticons base, landing coordinates and our brother."
"Permission granted Hook. Make sure they give us a good place to land I want a decent selection for alt mode."
"Yes sir!" Turns com-link on wide band and aims it at earth. "Calling all Decepticons on earth. This is Hook. Requesting Link up with Bonecrusher and landing coordinates with a decent selection of alt modes for the team. The constructicons Have Arrived."

(ooc this is wide band feel free to panic in fear autobots, or if your feeling up to it poke a hello 8) )
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2007|05:06 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group

[Tags|, , ]

{ for Ratchet and Wheeljeck if Ratch wants to bring him a long. Ratchet - we lost the IC IM 'tween them didnt we?}

Tracks, you got that RPG that we did over MSN with Dani and Raul? i dont have it.}

Dani relaxed against the trees, watching Raul sprint off to wherever he was going, as long as that kid was safe, she didnt care what he got up to. the fact that he reminded her of her kid brother helped in that aspect. flipping on her MP3, she watched the Nokiabot scuttle across the grass, playing.

She still had maybe an hour until this 'Ratchet' showed up, and she began to feel resentment rising in her. who was the other to tell her what do do? that she couldnt own Takechi? the person / mech whatever, the stupid thing had no idea what she had done to help her smaller friend, none at all. to say that she couldnt own Takechi...

"Stupid fool." she hissed, pulling out her laptop. she logged in, and then started to work on a project of hers due for her classes. it was long and tediuos and she worked like a dog on it, it was the engering a bridge, design flaws and what not. while she worked, she kept and eye on her small friend, laughing when the bot again sarted to use her as a climing post

"energetic thing, arent you?" she grinned, to witch she recived serveral chirps.

she just laughed, and went back to working.

Not long after, she fell into a light nap. the nokiabot curling up next her.

{ Welcome to gatecrash with some landing if you want. ALSO! Please not that the Nokia Bot will be refered to as Takechi, and is giving out energy readings that are not cybertronian. anycan pick up the readings if you wish [and are not orger wise engaged elsewhere]
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Arcee in Distress [Sep. 28th, 2007|07:40 pm]
TF2007fun RPG group
[Current Location |unknown (but somewhere in CA?)]

(OOC: I was granted permission from the Big Boss!broken_envy  To restart with Arcee! So if this is a problem in anyway to anyone! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I will try my hardest to work this out with everyone! Oh yeah and I don't really know how Arcee would talk. I see her as a strong willed type of girl. So bare with me!
I'm also not quite sure if I should post it here. So I'm going to and if there is a problem JUST LET ME KNOW! PPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE DON'T KILL ME! kthx! XD)

How she hated this part, entering a new planets atmosphere was always a pain the in ass. She scan and calculated the planet making her entry root.
I mean really...why do planets NEED this kind of bullshit.
She knew the answer to this, but was so frustrated at having to do yet ANOTHER re-enter flight she did care.
All right, here goes nothing.
She moved in to position and began her decent into the planets atmosphere. Everything check out just fine no problems at all. She began to relax a bit.

[OCC EDIT: October 07, 2007!!!! OMG! Everyone! FORGIVE ME! There was some VERY important personal things that came up and I was unable to RPG! I'm so sorry for not warning anyone, it just HAPPENED! And then I got sick! But I'M BACK AND READY! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS FOR WAITING!]
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